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In the production of organic food no pesticides or fertilizers are used in chemical synthesis. They are free of hormones, antibiotics, heavy metal residues without the use of artificial color and flavours, as well as genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Actually the positive characteristics attributed to organic products are difficult to establish as there is no general regulation. For example for milk, whether organic considered theoretically the cow must be fed 100% with grains that have not been genetically treated or fertilized soils, such as  antibiotics or hormones.

It is very difficult to produce foods that are totally free of pesticides, because they remain in the soil long periods of time can become contaminated. From the legal point of view, an organic product is one that is certified by a competent authority. That defined organic production that results in a chemical-free food and real or potential human health toxic substances.

If you are looking for certificated organic product check the label, Organic practices therefore help reduce chemical contamination of soil, water and atmosphere. In addition, organic production methods aim to reduce soil erosion, promoting biodiversity and make appropriate use of natural resources.


The great benefit of organic foods is that they are absolutely free of chemical residues. Additives and preservatives (except natural) are not allowed; pesticides and fertilizers; they have less or no veterinary drug residues; not contain hormones; and heavy metals (present in soil and water) and cannot be irradiated.

“Many products are irradiated to kill germs and promote conservation. For example, meat, frozen, canned. And while it is shown that radiation is not highly harmful, the final conclusion only time will determine. “The animal that grows naturally (fresh pastures, forages and grains consumed should also be organic) and stress has special characteristics. Their meat has more vitamin E, an antioxidant, and less intramuscular fat (because it is not immobilized) that produces less cholesterol in the consumer.

Organic meats that is subject from biological contamination, such as the mad cow (BSE), foot and mouth disease, poisoning Escherichia coli (famous industrial burgers) or salmonellosis (eggs and poultry) and that certification control cattle traceability.
Traceability is the set of technical procedures for identifying and registering an animal from birth to the end of the marketing chain in its various cuts and by – products.

“The discussion does not go through ‘organic versus conventional’. In today’s global world, it is very difficult to stop using transgenic and agrochemicals. The important thing is that the population, within its capabilities, to choose the quality of the food you eat. ”


  1. Its cultivation has no chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers or synthetic additives.
  2. They contain a better flavour, aroma and color.
  3. Organic foods are more nutritious because they contain higher levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, carbohydrates and proteins.
  4. The organic fruits and vegetables may have up to 40% more antioxidants than conventional plant and high level of Vitamin C and protein in cereals and vegetables.
  5. Protect consumer health and farmer.
  6. The organic food is rigorously certified products, ensuring consumer complete satisfaction
  7. By consuming organic food also improves fertility in couples as many pesticides used in traditional crops affect the fertility of men and women.
  8. Improve the immune system and protect children from pesticides, which bring them more nutrients to your body.
  9. Help prevent global warming and environmental care.
  10. Organic products supports biodiversity in cultivated areas


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