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The gluten is a set of small proteins contained solely in the flour of cereals of dry land, mainly wheat, but also barley, the rye and oats, any of its varieties and hybrids (such as Spelt, the einkorn, the kamut and triticale).

Gluten present in many different cereals is a glycoprotein. Among other functions, it acts as a binding element, is the cement that binds the various ingredients in bakery, responsible for the elastic consistency of the masses. Gluten is a gelling agent and emulsifier that binds water molecules and therefore works effectively as a structural element. Precisely these properties are what make it so appreciated among bakers, confectioners and manufacturers of these products.

Gluten is not essential to humans. It is a mixture of proteins of low nutritional and biological value low in essential amino acids, so from the nutritional point of view the value is very low and it can easily be replaced by other high quality proteins.

In 2005 the obligation to indicate the presence of ingredients that cause allergies and food intolerances frequently entered into force. Including gluten counted.

Attention! It contains gluten

These are cereals containing gluten: wheat, rye, barley, spelled, spelled, triticale, spelled, kamut, green spelled, bulgur, and oats. Precautions must be taken to all foods prepared with these ingredients. Including baked goods (breads and pastries, etc.) pasta muesli, flakes.

Watch out!

You should exercise caution when checking the lists of ingredients in processed foods such as ready pre-cooked, soy sauces, meats, prepared seasonings and spice mixes, ice cream, chocolates, candies or gum.

Some foods do not directly indicate the presence of gluten, so it is necessary that people with coeliac disease pay particular attention to ingredient lists.

When cooking and baking recipes at home it is necessary to avoid gluten contamination to the foods that do not contain gluten.

Harmless products: gluten free!

Among the gluten free natural cereals are corn, brown rice, millet, buckwheat, amaranth, and quinoa. Potatoes and nuts do not contain gluten.

However, if you are using flour made from these grains, you have to monitor the risk of contamination of some of the elements that is not gluten-free.

In addition, all other natural foods without gluten and are the ideal diet: fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole milk and dairy products,

Cream, fresh or cured Parmesan type cheese, meat, fish, eggs

We can find on the market gluten free products, a gluten-free diet does not mean having to give up foods like bread, breakfast cereals; all of this products gluten free are available on the market.

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