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In Harmony With Nature


Keeping in touch with nature makes people feel more alive and happy. That sense of vitality and well – being is necessary for the life of all human beings and for the health of the same.

Therefore it is important that each of you and your family stay in harmony with nature as long as possible. Being in the presence of the green environment will bring many benefits to you and your family in many ways, from physical to social.

All parents want the best for your family, so we want you to know the importance of living in harmony with nature and its benefits.

There have been many studies that prove the benefits and importance of being in touch with the natural environment. The impact on health to be in harmony with itself is remarkable. Natural spaces facilitate the willingness of people to engage in physical activity, improve the immune system, for those with diabetics it helps improve levels of blood glucose and improve the sense of good humour

But not only on health also by living in harmony surrounded by natural areas enhances our ability to think, reduces violence and aggression, and also generates confidence in ourselves. Only with frequent green areas, such as forests or gardens, it makes the most generous, gregarious, confident and strong bonds of social cause’s neighbourhood, a greater sense of community, more mutual trust and a greater willingness to help other people. The connection with the nature it is very important factor for positive human behaviour.

Children are also benefiting by being in the presence of green spaces. Many children leave home in the morning to go to their school and return back to the house almost always to play with your console or computer. It is important that parents are aware of the value they can bring their children to be more in touch with the natural and open spaces.

And among the many benefits it can provide they are the cognitive and emotional development, the ability of exploration, creativity and skills for living together and solving problems.

In addition, children who are in contact with green spaces get less sick, have better physical concentration, balance and agility are more imaginative, have more ability to have fun and collaborate in a group, are more observant, show more ability to reason and inner-peace.

The green spaces offer children a high number of skill stimulation , when the child  makes contact with the nature and green open space, create a sense of freedom and  happiness,  it is essential for the development of movement skills, but also a stimulus passes neurons, emotions and learning system.

Children in contact with our mother earth also feel less negative emotions and are also more grateful. This makes endorphins that help regulate blood pressure and improve child mood of it are released.

There is no doubt that being in harmony with nature is important and beneficial for you and all family members. After all the benefits, we are sure you will seek to do more activities with their children and large green spaces because: Nature is fuel for the soul and body.


Living in harmony with nature, also means being respectful with our mother earth, appreciating the nature and take the necessary measures to avoid damage, which becomes an ecological conscience.

Therefore, respect for nature and the green environment is first and foremost a matter of common sense as our environment influences and has a direct impact on our health and well-being. To attack our animals, plants, trees, add pollution to the waters of the seas, rivers and lakes, add pollution the air, throw garbage in the parks, streets, destroy our environment and the nature is something we must avoid, We all know, that damaging the environment means damage ourselves and harm the future of our children. If we do not know how to use logical and balanced resources that nature offers us are breaking a chain of balance and harmony, which will turn against us.


It is essential to know the importance of healthy environment for the life of people in general. Care of the planet and respect for the environment are issues on which we should all be involved and for which we should strive daily to make our small contribution.

Everyone knows that today the care of the environment is fundamental to our quality of life today and for our children in the future. Sometime we blame the big industries for some environmental problems such as pollution or excessive energy expenditure, but we realize that we can also help at home.

From very small action , we can and must learn to respect the environment (our stuff, our house, the city or town where we live, our parks, our trees, nature, have respect for the nature and community it is a good beginning to improve a relationship with nature and the environment. Take consciences that small and simple attitudes, can contribute to the care of nature and to avoid environmental problems.

First, we must learn to respect our immediate environment: if we are painting the walls or tables, Leaving trash and remains of paint where we pass, throwing that trash to the street or the parks, without any conscience; hardly we will be more sensitive to global problems.

Individuals can make small changes that can become of great importance. Small changes are powerful because they can have a universal influence. Every day we perform a lot of actions and activities in our homes that may have more or less aggressive effects on the environment: the energy we use, buying home and kitchen organic products, recycling our waste, decrease water consumption, no use toxic materials … buying from EcoNatural Therefore, we must act as far as possible so that the effects of our actions impact as little as possible.


Respect for nature is, first, a matter of common sense. Clearly we are destroying nature; Nature is the support of our lives; lives of millions of species, including our own. Therefore, respecting nature is a matter of survival.

Continuous reflection on our relationship with the environment it is necessary and our responsibility in the contribution we can contribute to improve the environment.

Respect the environment and nature should lead us to change our way of life and our attitude toward the world. In our daily life people we can perform many actions that contribute to improving the environment based on respect of the places where we live (neighbourhood, town, and city). Act and think more concretely about the field of school, neighbourhood, and care for animal, trees … it’s a way to intervene on processes that eventually transform society as a whole.

In conclusion live in harmony with the nature it is not only enjoy of the nature, it is also respect it, a green planet correspond to our actions. We must decide if we want to keep healthy living conditions, if we want to live without thinking about the future or the consequences. Let us not forget, however, that the world does not end when we ended. We leave a legacy to future generations. How do we want this legacy?

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