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Acidic foods, alkaline foods

The blood of a human being and its internal environment, to have a good balance must have a pH between: (7.39 to 7.41). The abbreviation pH stands for “power of Hydrogen” and refers to the number of Hydrogen ions (H+) found in a liquid,  a lower level is acidic, and a higher level  is alkaline  If the internal environment, is acidified can appear symptoms such as tiredness, fatigue, joint pain, moodiness, irritability, inflammation, recurrent infections, insomnia, headache, depression, digestive problems, heartburn and many so-called diseases of civilization as hypertension, hypocholesterolemia, diabetes, cancer, AIDS, rheumatism, and others.

To maintain an alkaline pH is important to avoid possible extremely acidifying foods. It is known that the origin of many diseases has to do with a high level of acidification. Bad food, excess adrenaline, sedentary lifestyle, an unbalanced diet, lack of good oxygenation, overeating, drinking, food with chemical additives, strong medicine with side effects, stressful life style also generate acidification blood, The optimal level of acidity of the human body is between 7.35 and 7.45 pH, even a small difference from these optimal values can have very serious consequences, A pH value of 7.0 is neutral, a lower one is acidic and very dangerous.

The consumption of certain foods and lack of physical activity, play a fundamental role in this regard, as well as not knowing how to balance the different foods and to compensate them.

Below is a list of foods according to their range of acidification and alkalinity. Noted is not exclusively avoiding acidifying foods, but to know and help balance the food  to equilibrate highly acidic or alkaline As a reference what is healthy , we must prefer food with less acidic, also  a fully alkaline food implies lack of important nutrients for health.

1) Alkaline foods to eat: Squash, zucchini, squash, cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, turnip, radish, scallion, burdock, lotus, potato, artichoke, apple, pear, apricot, watermelon, peach, sea salt, seaweed, corn oil, onions, broccoli, garlic in general fresh salads, fruits and vegetables.

2) acidic foods to avoid:   flavoured water, soda, artificial sweeteners, coffee,  black tea, alcohol, chemicals in general, red meat, sausages, industrial cheeses, yogurt, meal, cream, sugar, industrial flour, white pasta, hydrogenated oils, margarine, white rice, white bread, chocolate, ice cream,  cookies, crackers, fried potato packages,  powder for making beverages, pastries, croissants , sweets in general, common salt, fish hatchery, poultry and eggs farmed.

3) Acidic foods that usually people consume daily, knowing balance acidic food:  whole grains (rice, pearled barley, millet, oats, quinoa, wheat), legumes: soybean through its derivatives (tofu, miso, soy sauce), chickpeas, red beans, black beans, goat cheese, fish deep seas (Pollack, codling, sole), sesame seeds, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews,. Whole grains and legumes, while having a share of acidity, and also some alkalized level. Noted they there are more alkaline level than hydrates of rapid combustion, as whole flour, whole wheat pasta and brown rice, white meat in general. It is important to consume with alkaline vegetables to balance the Ph.  Animal products are acidic food, to compensate that is always good to accompany that with alkaline foods, such as carrots, squash, cabbage, zucchini, radicchio, celery, psycho physics, salads, fruits and vegetables. A good source of alkaline is also parsley in salads green juices .

There will be always something more alkaline and organic origin food that we can select from the one that doesn’t contains chemicals. Another good way of alkalizing the blood is a good oxygenation. Inhaling and exhaling deeply, physical activity outdoor in the nature such as walking, meditating, understood as a state of mindfulness to everything that happens internally we reflect externally, the serenity state of mind no matter the circumstances, help enormously to maintain a good health of  our ph.


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